GardaPat 13 2 side coated woodfree paper, Warm Natural shade, with a matt surface and high bulk (volume 1.3). It is able to combine high thickness (volume 1.3, 40% higher than any other traditional matt paper at the same substance) with a velvet surface.

Environment Safety


  • Offset
  • Digital offset (dry toner)
  • Laser
  • Silkscreen

Gardapat 13Warm Natural

Paper Information

ColourCodeGsmSize (inch)Sheet / Pack
Warm NaturalGDP0909025x36 / 31X43250
Warm NaturalGDP10010025x36 / 31X43250
Warm NaturalGDP11511525x36 / 31X43250
Warm NaturalGDP13513525x36 / 31X43250
Warm NaturalGDP15015025x36 / 31X43250 / 125
Warm NaturalGDP20020025x36 / 31X43250