Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS) board with medium bulk and brilliant aesthetic properties. It is made out of bleached chemical pulp and has a unique high white shade. Elegance is the board of choice for an enhanced visual appeal and acts as a substitute for Art Boards in many applications where stiffness and purity is paramount. Its stunning whiteness, coupled with a smooth coated backside, make it the standard for personal care packaging, bindi cards, covers, etc.


  • Offset
  • Digital offset (dry toner)


Paper Information

ColourCodeGsmSize (inch)Sheet / Pack
EGA23023025x36 / 31x43100
EGA25025025x36 / 31x43100
EGA28028025x36 / 31x43100
EGA30030025x36 / 31x43100
EGA32032025x36 / 31x43100
EGA35035025x36 / 31x43100